In line with the current trend in the world, McU is designed to be ICT-compliant. Consequently, the University Library is linked to the Internet with the provision of an e-Library with 20 work stations at take off. This will be expanded to 40 work stations as the University expands. To assist users, the Library has published “A Gateway to Academic Websites” which will assist staff and students to  access information on different subjects on the world-wide-web (www) without wasting time. In addition to this, the Library subscribes to various e-databases such as HINARI, AGORA, JSTOR, AJOL, NUnet, etc. Plans are also afoot to acquire the other databases to broaden access to more current information.

With access to the internet and provision workstations within the library environment, the University Library has positioned itself to serve the information needs of it community by providing access to open  source and commercial databases.