McPHERSON UNIVERSITY Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies (McUCES) is an integral part of McPHERSON UNIVERSITY. It is the hub where ideas are nurtured, developed and put to full implementation. The Centre is currently located in the College of Social and Management Sciences of the University.

The Centre is a functional unit that is responsible for re-engineering the university entrepreneurial education via the technical application of the re-thinking process. It is gratifying to note that the primary objective of the Centre is to produce graduates that are job-creators, and who can bring about economic growth and social transformation.
McUCES also caters for McPHERSON UNIVERSITY’s Entrepreneurial initiatives aimed at increasing the Institution’s revenue generation.

The motive of the centre is to empower our students, irrespective of their areas of specialization, with skills that will enable them engage in income-yielding ventures while in-school and out-of-school. It is a re-orientation from the “take-a-job mentality to make-a-job mentality”. The general philosophy for engaging our students in Entrepreneurial Studies is to produce graduates with some value addition over and above their fields of study for the purpose of self-reliance.

Currently, the Institution has different projects under the aegis of our Entrepreneurial Centre, namely: beads and milliner production, detergent and soap production, repair of mobile phones, and agricultural initiative including; cattle rearing, poultry, cassava, maize and garri production, pineapple and plantation orchard among others. McU IT Unit has also began an entrepreneurial training for equipping and empowering Computer Science and other students for Professional Certification in Microsoft and Java programming computer training as a prelude to other areas of certification.

The goal of the entrepreneurial initiative, when it enters the full commercial phase in 2020 is essentially to add value to the people of the communities around the University and the entire region at large.
Interestingly, McU Students are deeply involved in the Centre’s entrepreneurial drive. Some of our students are already honing their skills and ideas of creating and sustaining businesses so that they may emerge as business owners with professional skills.

The capacities of potential and practicing studentsentrepreneurs, who have the desire to learn practical entrepreneurial skills, are being enhanced.
The University Management is poised to make the University’s project cater for a reasonable population of the neighbouring communities.
McU Students are participating fully in the theory and practice of entrepreneurial education and execution as designed by the Centre with a view to making them more productive and enterprising to their society and the world at large.

Having discovered a growing need to redirect education/training for relevance and quality, we are developing in our students an entrepreneurial mind-set and equipping them with the skills necessary to start and run a business successfully. To this end, the introduction of Entrepreneurial Studies I to V into the curriculum of McPherson University prepares our students to be responsible enterprising individuals who will become entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial thinkers, and contribute significantly to economic development and sustainable communities.

At full phase, the Entrepreneurial Centre will also be involved in water processing and packaging, bakery products, confectionaries, animal feeds, cosmetics production and packaging, tie and dye operation, metal fabrications, fish farming, natural products processing, agro-forestry, fashion design and tailoring services, laundry and dry cleaning services, printing, graphics, barbing and beauty salon, furniture and interior decoration among others. The Centre’s activities are designed to boost economic empowerment with a view to ensuring prosperity and competiveness.