Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Centre

Computer and Communication Technologies are the essential tools for delivering good and oriented higher education.

The ICT Unit is therefore the pivot in which most activities on University Campuses revolve.

The centre monitors and manages the university information (staff/student records) and database along with McU operating systems administration, power infrastructure support, and supply of information to units/departments/faculties in desired formats.

It also works with faculty and departmental examination officers as technical support programmers to produce examination results using the University Result Manager.

Highlights of ICT activities include:

  • Maintenance /support for University Website and Portal services
  • Production of ID cards for staff and students
  • Liaison with the Vice-Chancellor/Registry/ICT to meet computing resources need and ensure benefit realization from Third Party application providers
  • Training Workshops for staff and the host community in areas of need
  • Acquisition of the necessary software tools/standards for software application development
  • Consultancy/Research on business process improvement
  • Seminars and symposia on hot topics, standards and best practices in computing and software engineering
  • Deployment of LAN (Wired or Wireless)
  • Digitization/Clean up of existing systems
  • Quality Control and Assurance
  • Development of Information Security/ Back up/Recovery Plan
  • Review and harmonisation of ICT Third party provider organisations present on campus
  • Development of an ICT policy on processes and procedures