Student Affairs Unit

The Student Affairs Unit is the division providing support for McPherson University students with a view to enhancing their growth and development during their stay in the University. The Unit helps and informs students about services and programs that will expand students’ educational experiences and prepare them for diverse lives in local and global communities.

The Unit is responsible to the Office of the Vice-Chancellor and has received mandate to:

    i. Enforce discipline within the University.
    ii. Monitor activities in the buttery and cafeteria.
    iii. Relate daily with the food vendors by monitoring the qualities of foods served to the students.
    iv. Ensure clean environment within the hostels.
    v. Enforcement of University policies on exeat.
    vi. Monitoring of student programs.
    vii. Provision of relevant information on scholarship opportunities and bursary awards to students among others.

The division is headed by an Ag. Dean, Student Affairs who coordinates the day-to-day activities.

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