The Bursary Department, which naturally took off with the establishment of the University, performs the financial and accounting functions of the University. It is headed by the University Bursar who is by the University Act, the Chief Financial Officer of the University and is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day-to-day administration and control of the financial matters of the University.

The mission of Bursary Department is to guarantee the University and its stakeholders the most efficient and effective ways of resource mobilization, utilization and control using appropriate information technology for the provision of excellent services.  To assist the Bursar, the Bursary is divided into three major divisions with each being headed by at least a Chief Accountant.

The divisions are:


  • Budget, Planning, Control and Staff Matters
  • Final Accounts
  • Treasury

A strong control measure adopted by the University to manage its resources is through budget planning and control. The budget is prepared and presented to Council for approval before it becomes operational. The functions of Bursary Department include the following; receipt of all incomes, payment to staff and suppliers; payroll preparation and administration; budget and budgetary control; banking transactions; fund management; preparation of annual financial report; accounts and accounting records; keeping of students’ accounts; pension & tax matters; keeping & control of assets register; keeping custody of financial records; and rendering advice on establishment of income generating units and monitoring.

(Full Time Undergraduates ONLY)

The following is the newly approved Procedure (Steps) for Payment of Fees with effect from 2022/2023 Academic Session. Any violation will be penalized!



  1. Login to Students Portal with their login detail
  2. From Menu Drop, Select “Generate Invoice” to go to the Payment Invoice Page
  3. On the Invoice Page, Select the Payment Type for the fees to be paid e.g School Fee, Late Registration Fee, et cetera
  4. Click on “Generate Invoice”. An invoice will be generated and displayed immediately. This payment invoice will include a Payee ID and Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR)
  5. After generating invoice successfully, you can pay by either
    • Selecting the “PAY NOW” option from the Action Menu
    • Sending your RRR to parent/guardian who can use it to pay for their ward on www.remita.net
  6. After successful payment, go back to the Homepage of your Students Portal and Select/Print your online receipt
  7. Repeat Steps 1 to 6 for each of your payment. You will not be able to generate another payment invoice until you have paid the pending invoice.
  8. Take a copy of your online receipt to Bursary for confirmation and you will be given signed Bursary receipt for your payment. Your signed Bursary Receipt is your final evidence of payment


For technical assistance, please contact the University ICT Unit via:


** 2023/2024 Academic Session School Fees for RETURNING STUDENTS **


College of Law


  • Law = N1,500,000 per session

College of Basic Medical Science


  • Nursing = N1,500,000 per session
  • Medical Laboratory Science = N1,000,000 per session
  • Public Health = N750,000 per session

College of Natural and Applied Sciences


  • Industrial Mathematics = N440,000 per session
  • Biotechnology = N440,000 per session
  • Industrial Chemistry = N440,000 per session
  • Computer Science = N700,000 per session
  • Biochemistry = N630,000 per session
  • Microbiology = N630,000 per session
  • Software Engineering = N700,000 per session
  • Information Technology = N700,000 per session
  • Cyber Security = N700,000 per session

College of Humanities, Social and Management Sciences


  • Accounting = N700,000 per session
  • Finance = N420,000 per session
  • Economics = N670,000 per session
  • Business Administration = N620,000 per session
  • Mass Communication = N750,000 per session
  • Marketing = N420,000 per session
  • International Relations = N650,000 per session
  • Religion and Peace Studies = N299,000 per session
  • History = N370,000 per session
  • English Language = N440,000 per session




  • PGD Computer Science = N250,000 (for entire duration – two semesters)
  • M.Sc. Accounting = N500,000 (for entire duration – three semesters)
  • M.Sc. Computer Science = N500,000 (for entire duration – three semesters)
  • MBA = N850,000 (for entire duration – four semesters)
  • Ph.D Computer Science = N900,000 (for entire duration – six semesters)

Download fees structure for undergraduate below